dulwich.contrib.requests_vendor module

Requests HTTP client support for Dulwich.

To use this implementation as the HTTP implementation in Dulwich, override the dulwich.client.HttpGitClient attribute:

>>> from dulwich import client as _mod_client
>>> from dulwich.contrib.requests_vendor import RequestsHttpGitClient
>>> _mod_client.HttpGitClient = RequestsHttpGitClient

This implementation is experimental and does not have any tests.

class dulwich.contrib.requests_vendor.RequestsHttpGitClient(base_url, dumb=None, config=None, username=None, password=None, **kwargs)

Bases: AbstractHttpGitClient

Create a new GitClient instance.

  • thin_packs – Whether or not thin packs should be retrieved

  • report_activity – Optional callback for reporting transport activity.

  • include_tags – send annotated tags when sending the objects they point to