Repo implementation atop OpenStack SWIFT.
Class PackInfoObjectStoreIterator Undocumented
Class PackInfoMissingObjectFinder Undocumented
Function load_conf Load configuration in global var CONF
Function swift_load_pack_index Read a pack index file from Swift
Function pack_info_create Undocumented
Function load_pack_info Undocumented
Class SwiftException Undocumented
Class SwiftConnector A Connector to swift that manage authentication and errors catching
Class SwiftPackReader A SwiftPackReader that mimic read and sync method
Class SwiftPackData The data contained in a packfile.
Class SwiftPack A Git pack object.
Class SwiftObjectStore A Swift Object Store
Class SwiftInfoRefsContainer Manage references in info/refs object.
Class SwiftRepo No class docstring; 1/1 class methods, 3/3 methods documented
Class SwiftSystemBackend Undocumented
Function cmd_daemon Entry point for starting a TCP git server.
Function cmd_init Undocumented
Function main Undocumented
def load_conf(path=None, file=None):
Load configuration in global var CONF
ParameterspathThe path to the configuration file
fileIf provided read instead the file like object
def swift_load_pack_index(scon, filename):
Read a pack index file from Swift
Parametersscona SwiftConnector instance
filenamePath to the index file objectise
Returnsa PackIndexer instance
def pack_info_create(pack_data, pack_index):
def load_pack_info(filename, scon=None, file=None):
def cmd_daemon(args):
Entry point for starting a TCP git server.
def cmd_init(args):
def main(argv=sys.argv):
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