Known subclasses: dulwich.contrib.swift.PackInfoObjectStoreIterator

ObjectIterator that works on top of an ObjectStore.

Same implementation as object_store.ObjectStoreIterator except we use gevent to parallelize object retrieval.

Method __init__ Create a new ObjectIterator.
Method retrieve Undocumented
Method __iter__ Yield tuple with next object and path.
Method __len__ Return the number of objects.

Inherited from ObjectStoreIterator:

Method iterobjects Iterate over just the objects.
Method itershas Iterate over the SHAs.
Method __contains__ Check if an object is present.
Method __getitem__ Find an object by SHA1.
Method empty Undocumented
Method __bool__ Indicate whether this object has contents.
def __init__(self, store, shas, finder, concurrency=1):
Create a new ObjectIterator.
ParametersstoreObject store to retrieve from
sha_iterIterator over (sha, path) tuples
def retrieve(self, args):
def __iter__(self):
Yield tuple with next object and path.
def __len__(self):
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