Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols.
Module archive Generates tarballs for Git trees.
Module client Client side support for the Git protocol.
Module config Reading and writing Git configuration files.
Package contrib No package docstring; 6/6 modules documented
Module diff_tree Utilities for diffing files and trees.
Module errors Dulwich-related exception classes and utility functions.
Module fastexport Fast export/import functionality.
Module file Safe access to git files.
Module greenthreads Utility module for querying an ObjectStore with gevent.
Module hooks Access to hooks.
Module ignore Parsing of gitignore files.
Module index Parser for the git index file format.
Module log_utils Logging utilities for Dulwich.
Module lru_cache A simple least-recently-used (LRU) cache.
Module mailmap Mailmap file reader.
Module object_store Git object store interfaces and implementation.
Module objects Access to base git objects.
Module objectspec Object specification.
Module pack Classes for dealing with packed git objects.
Module patch Classes for dealing with git am-style patches.
Module porcelain Simple wrapper that provides porcelain-like functions on top of Dulwich.
Module protocol Generic functions for talking the git smart server protocol.
Module reflog Utilities for reading and generating reflogs.
Module refs Ref handling.
Module repo Repository access.
Module server Git smart network protocol server implementation.
Module stash Stash handling.
Package tests Tests for Dulwich.
Module walk General implementation of walking commits and their contents.
Module web HTTP server for dulwich that implements the git smart HTTP protocol.
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