Tests for Dulwich.
Package compat Compatibility tests for Dulwich.
Module test_archive Tests for archive support.
Module test_blackbox Blackbox tests for Dulwich commands.
Module test_client Undocumented
Module test_config Tests for reading and writing configuration files.
Module test_diff_tree Tests for file and tree diff utilities.
Module test_fastexport No module docstring; 2/2 classes documented
Module test_file Undocumented
Module test_grafts Tests for graftpoints.
Module test_greenthreads Undocumented
Module test_hooks Tests for executing hooks.
Module test_ignore Tests for ignore files.
Module test_index Tests for the index.
Module test_lru_cache Tests for the lru_cache module.
Module test_mailmap Tests for dulwich.mailmap.
Module test_missing_obj_finder Undocumented
Module test_object_store Tests for the object store interface.
Module test_objects Tests for git base objects.
Module test_objectspec Tests for revision spec parsing.
Module test_pack Tests for Dulwich packs.
Module test_patch Tests for patch.py.
Module test_porcelain Tests for dulwich.porcelain.
Module test_protocol Tests for the smart protocol utility functions.
Module test_reflog Tests for dulwich.reflog.
Module test_refs Tests for dulwich.refs.
Module test_repository Tests for the repository.
Module test_server Tests for the smart protocol server.
Module test_stash Tests for stashes.
Module test_utils Tests for git test utilities.
Module test_walk Tests for commit walking functionality.
Module test_web Tests for the Git HTTP server.
Module utils Utility functions common to Dulwich tests.

From the __init__.py module:

Class BlackboxTestCase Blackbox testing.
Class TestCase Undocumented
Function compat_test_suite Undocumented
Function nocompat_test_suite Undocumented
Function self_test_suite Undocumented
Function test_suite Undocumented
Function tutorial_test_suite Undocumented
def self_test_suite():
def tutorial_test_suite():
def nocompat_test_suite():
def compat_test_suite():
def test_suite():
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