General implementation of walking commits and their contents.
Class WalkEntry Object encapsulating a single result from a walk.
Class Walker Object for performing a walk of commits in a store.
Class _CommitTimeQueue Priority queue of WalkEntry objects by commit time.
Function _topo_reorder Reorder an iterable of entries topologically.
def _topo_reorder(entries, get_parents=lambda commit: commit.parents):

Reorder an iterable of entries topologically.

This works best assuming the entries are already in almost-topological order, e.g. in commit time order.

ParametersentriesAn iterable of WalkEntry objects.
get_parentsOptional function for getting the parents of a commit.
Returnsiterator over WalkEntry objects from entries in FIFO order, except where a parent would be yielded before any of its children.
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