Tests for the Git HTTP server.
Class MinimalistWSGIInputStream WSGI input stream with no 'seek()' and 'tell()' methods.
Class MinimalistWSGIInputStream2 WSGI input stream with no working 'seek()' and 'tell()' methods.
Class TestHTTPGitRequest HTTPGitRequest with overridden methods to help test caching.
Class WebTestCase Base TestCase with useful instance vars and utility functions.
Class DumbHandlersTestCase Undocumented
Class SmartHandlersTestCase Undocumented
Class LengthLimitedFileTestCase Undocumented
Class HTTPGitRequestTestCase Undocumented
Class HTTPGitApplicationTestCase Undocumented
Class GunzipTestCase No class docstring; 2/6 methods documented
Function _test_backend Undocumented
def _test_backend(objects, refs=None, named_files=None):
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